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“Chez Tonton”, Marine Le Pen’s canteen

April 12, 2012


Le Pen et tonton

“Chez Tonton” is a nice Portuguese restaurant in a quiet street in Nanterre. Food is decent. Empadão two days a week. A beefsteak with fries most of the time. Oh, only one thing… After your steak and your chocolate mousse, you might bumped into far right guru Jean-Marie Le Pen, his daughter Marine Le Pen, who is running […]

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Who is the real presidential candidate for the far right, Le Pen or Sarkozy?

April 6, 2012



Notice the near-perfect symmetry of the two curves above? It looks like Nicolas Sarkozy is peeling off votes from the National Front, doesn’t it? When he announced his bid for re-election, Nicolas Sarkozy was faced with a choice. He could either try to draw in voters from centrist François Bayrou or he could swerve to […]

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Ultra-Catholics up in arms against abortion [slideshow]

April 4, 2012



Far right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen wants to stop refunding abortion. When people realized that despite her “dediabolization” strategy, she was standing her ground on this proposal, there was quite a political circus. But there are some people out there who are boiling with rage for another reason. For them, Marine Le Pen ought […]

Le Pen : the writing is on the wall

March 29, 2012



French presidential elections are coming up fast. It is only 25 days before the first round of voting and the walls of Paris are suddenly alive with hypocritical smiles. Yes, the candidates are sticking up posters. Putting up posters used to be an occasion for communist activists and far right members to punch each other […]

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« On nous croit décapités ? Nous respirons encore »

March 28, 2012



Les élections présidentielles approchant, les candidats se chicanent âprement les clefs de la République. Mais certains électeurs ne peuvent encaisser la “Gueuse.” La monarchie française tombe en 1789. La République s’installe durablement en France à partir de 1870. Et pourtant… “On nous croit décapités, mais nous respirons encore,” s’amuse Alexandre Turpain, jeune militant royaliste. L’Alliance royale, […]

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